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Fees are contingent upon the number of hours required to complete your case.  You must realize that I handle a wide range of cases and each case is different.  Some cases are relatively simple; others are very complex.  Some clients are passive and only want minimum service; other clients are very aggressive and want to use every legal means possible to avoid the IRS altogether.  In order for me to provide each client with excellent service, I must exercise due diligence.

At a minimum, I must review all your documents, which may include your books and records if you own a business; request and review IRS documents and transcripts; and participate in at least three interviews with you to discuss your current and future financial situation, and to explore all the options available to minimize your tax problems.

My hourly rate is $200 and I require an initial retainer of $2,000 (10 hours) to perform due diligence on your case.  Some very simple cases can be worked and completed for the initial retainer amount.  However, most cases involve large amounts of federal and state tax, three or more tax years, and assets and/or income that may be seized by federal or state agencies.  Obviously these cases are more complex and require more time.

Almost a third of my clients are repeaters who have been "sold out" by less-than-qualified clerks that work for franchise tax clinics.  Most of these clerks take a couple of correspondence courses and hold themselves out as experts.  All they do is serve you up on a silver platter and look on in dismay as the IRS Collection Division takes everything you own.

Remember: you get what you pay for.  A cheap price usually means you end up with cheap results.  A person with serious IRS problems cannot afford cheap results.

Financing arrangements are available for clients who have serious IRS problems, but are unable to pay in full because of temporary financial difficulties.