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Settle With The IRS For Just Pennies!

Many taxpayers find themselves in a position where they can never pay off the IRS. Itís mathematically impossible with all the penalties and interest the IRS continues to ADD every day. Your old tax liabilities can prevent you from ever own owning a house or car. The banks wonít even talk to you with a federal tax lien on your credit report. The constant worrying about how to get on with your life is never-ending.

A new IRS Program called "Offer In Compromise" allows you to pay the IRS a small amount (pennies on the dollar). Then they wipe out the total amount you owe them, including all penalties and interest. When the IRS accepts your Offer and you pay it, ALL FEDERAL TAX LIENS ARE REMOVED.

You Get Your Life Back.

Preparing and successfully negotiating an Offer In Compromise is a complicated process and currently takes 9-12 months. Our firm handles the preparation of Offers In Compromise and all of the negotiations with the IRS. Your Offer is completely handled by our firm. You never have to meet with the IRS to discuss to discuss your Offer.